Lulztastic Planet



What is Lulztastic Planet?

This is a space for me to aggregate several previously disconnected internet presences including YouTube channels, artistic expressions, a coding sandbox (various just-for-fun widgets), and the DjB Digital Designs page.

Even though several of these endeavors were already housed in one web space it, including the domain name, was a remnant of a long-expired project and was overdue to be retired.

Why is Lulztastic Planet?

Lulztastic Planet as an umbrella domain will give me the flexibility to add remove or alter specific projects while still having overall continuity within one relevant domain. Even I don't know what I might do tomorrow but now I have a place to do it without duplicating or fragmenting existing content.

Maybe this will be news to some of you and to others- not so much, but coding is fun. Like any other acquired skill it has to be practiced or it fades and rusts. This site is how I keep my hand in with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc.

For now this project is mine alone so anything broken or wonky is my fault and the result of me trying to learn new things while retaining the stuff I've already added to my toolkit.

Small Fractal
Small Fractal
Small Fractal

What happened to

Much of the content from now resides here.

That domain name was an offshoot of the WebTV/MSNTV firewalled newsgroups. So yeah, we're talking about the 1990s. Ootikof was never a part of or even connected to the internet service/product itself; it was merely a reference to a group of friends I made there.

I suppose it was nostalgia that had me holding onto that domain name for all this time. My experiences in the WebTV/MSNTV newsgroups were some of the most enjoyable I've had anywhere online. Despite our differences of opinion on things like politics, and there were plenty of differences, we had a close-knit and fun little community there for a while.

But that was then and this is now.

It's time, some would justifiably say well past time, to move on.

☕ Coded By: DjB Digital Designs